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Cosmetic surgery insights and trends from 2016 revealed with predictions for the year ahead

Less is more as ‘mini facelifts’ look set to be biggest trend for 2017, with enquiries up 589% in past three months

  • Breast implants top the list of 2016’s most popular surgical procedures
  • Enquiries into Liposuction up 64% and Tummy tucks up 56% in 2016
  • Mini facelifts set to be the procedure of 2017 with 589% increase in enquiries in the last 3 months of 2016
  • Dimple creation enquiries up 82% in 2016

    Most popular cosmetic surgery procedures of 2016:

    Breast implants remain the cosmetic procedure of choice in the UK despite a slight decrease of 9% in enquiries compared to the previous year. Yet the numbers seeking this cosmetic enhancement surgery almost doubled those of the second most popular procedure, eyelid surgery. At number two on the top ten list, is eyelid surgery, with an 8% increase in enquiries, and an average cost of £2,691, in the UK. 

    Fat reducing surgeries also featured on the list, showing double digit growth in enquiries during 2016. Liposuction saw a 64% increase in enquiries and jumped to third place on the most popular procedures list. Enquiries for gynecomastia, or male breast reduction surgery, saw a 58% increase on 2015 figures and costs £3,567 on average. Despite its higher average price tag of £5,168 in the UK, tummy tucks have also seen a huge increase in enquiries in 2016, up 56% in the past 12 months.

    Dr Foued Hamza, Cosmetic Surgeon, Queen Anne Street Medical Centre, London said, “More and more patients are seeking less aggressive and less invasive procedures, in particular ones that have faster recovery times. Patients are seeking ‘lunchtime procedures’ which means they are in and out quickly and get more subtle treatments.”

    Mini facelifts are the fastest growing trend of 2016, with enquiries up by 135% over the past 12 months. The youth-enhancing procedure is set to continue its domination as a key trend for 2017 since figures from WhatClinic.com show a massive 589% increase in those seeking mini facelifts during the last three months of the year.
2016's top 10 most popular cosmetic surgery procedures based on volume of traffic to WhatClinic.com
Change in enquiries over the last year
Average price UK
1. Breast Implants
2. Eyelid surgery
3. Liposuction
4. Rhinoplasty
5. Tummy Tuck
6. Fat Transfer
7. Gynecomastia
8. Breast Reduction
9. Facelift
10. Breast Lift

Fastest growing cosmetic surgery treatments in 2016

Topping the list of 2016’s fastest growing cosmetic surgery trends was the mini facelift, which costs £4,745 on average in the UK. Coming in at number two was dimple creation surgery, which was up by 82% in 2016. Liposuction at number three, and also featured as one of the most popular treatments, remains a very common cosmetic surgery enhancement, while abdominal etching, which contours and shapes abdominal fat to give patients a flatter stomach, increased by 57% in 2016. Alarplasty, a procedure to pins back the ears, and cheekbone reduction both saw a 47% increase in enquiries in 2016.

2016's top 10 fastest-growing cosmetic surgery procedures (by increase in enquiries)
Change in enquiries over the last year
Average price UK
1. Mini Facelift
2. Dimple Creation
3. Liposuction
4. Gynecomastia
5. Abdominal Etching
6. Tummy Tuck
7. Alarplasty
8. Cheekbone Reduction
9. FFS - Facial Feminization Surgery
10. Butt Lift

Trends to look out for in 2017

Data from the past three months suggests that mini facelifts will continue to increase in popularity in 2017, as will vaginoplasty, a process of strengthening the muscles and tissues of the vaginal canal and removing excess or damaged tissue. Vaginoplasty, in the number two position on 2017’s predicted top trends, saw a 130% increase in enquiries in the last three months of 2016. Celebrity favourite, nose jobs (rhinoplasty), has long been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures but saw an uptick at the end of 2016, with enquires up 71% in the past three months, indicating that it could be even more in demand in 2017. Chloe Madley and Charlotte Crosby both admitted to having the procedure done in 2016.

2017's new trends
Change in enquiries in the past 3 months
Average price UK
1. Mini Facelift
2. Vaginoplasty
3. Rhinoplasty
4. Cheek Implants
5. Facelift

Commenting on the data trends, Philip Boyle, Head of Consumer Matters for WhatClinic, said:
 “The cosmetic surgery industry continues to thrive in the UK and 2016 saw an increase in enquiries for some procedures, with mini facelifts clearly the stand out procedure this year.”

“This is an industry that moves quickly and demand is high, but in some cases, so is the risk. That’s why it’s so important for patients to have realistic expectations, and to not be swayed by offers or deals. Sometimes it’s better to wait for the ’latest’ thing to become tried and tested before you sign on the dotted line. Nothing is risk free, so start by researching the treatment, and read reviews to make sure you pick the right clinic for you. ”

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