lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

Live social media Q&A on diabetes & depression is Europe’s largest patient to patient forum which offers people with diabetes a platform where they can talk, support and help each other.
On Thursday 23rd April, Dav Panesar – an expert in the field of Mindfulness based therapies - will be answering any questions from patients and carers of the diabetes community from 7pm-8pm. Users will have the choice of sending in their questions in advance, or can post their questions to the Facebook and Twitter page live on the night.
As part of Depression Awareness Week (20-26 April), Dav will be looking at techniques and tools that the diabetes community can use to deal with depression, anxiety and diabetes related emotional distress including burnout.   Research shows that people with diabetes are three times more likely to suffer depression than the general population and are 29% more likely to have depression compared with people without diabetes - this rises to 53% for those with Type1 diabetes.  Studies have also shown an association between high blood sugars and depression. (IDDT Diabetes – Stress, Anxiety & Depression, January 2013).
As a teacher, facilitator, researcher and consultant with over 20 years of teaching experience, Dav is skilled in incorporating mindfulness within the businesses, education and health sector. His focus and research has been on the application of Mindfulness based approaches for those suffering from diseases such as cancer and diabetes, in addition to mental health including stress, anxiety and depression.
Mindfulness is a technique that teaches an individual to become aware of moment-by-moment thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in a non-judgemental way. The foundations of mindfulness lie in the ancient practice of meditation and in the US, mindfulness is being increasingly used for eating habits and diabetes management. Research has shown that mindfulness enhances clinical effect of glycemic control.

Throughout 2015, has launched a series of live Q&A’s with experts including doctors, dieticians and nutritionists via their Facebook and Twitter page. Social media users will have the chance to ask any diabetes related questions and receive expert.

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