martes, 21 de abril de 2015

InSpiral Launch Award-Winning Kale-Os and Coconut Pecks for Summer

From their official Camden launch in 2007, and quickly becoming a staple of the London foodie scene, primary spot for vegan and health-conscious dining, inSpiral Lounge, are continuing to develop their range of tempting takeaway snacks, high in both nutrition and flavour, with two distinctive products for the Summer season.
Available in two moreish new flavours, and sweetened with Palmyra Blossom Nectar, inSpiral’s Coconut Pecks are the latest additions to the Visionary Products line. Perfect eating on the go, for adding to salads or sprinkling over yoghurt, Coconut Pecks are both delicious and beneficial to the body, suitable for all ages.
The delicious ‘Raspberry’ flavour Coconut Pecks are air-dryed and organic, coconut chips, coated in a rich raspberry sauce, they also contain Vitamin C, minerals and healthy plant fats instrumental in controlling cholesterol. The savoury, ‘Smokin’ option, is also air-dryed and organic, with a delicious smokey paprika flavour. This flavour is packed with vitamin B12, perfect for maintaining the immune and nervous systems. Coconut Pecks will be 100% organic and gluten-free.
inSpiral’s organic creations are made with a genuine passion for nutrition and sustainable production. Free from additives and enhanced with super foods, tonic herbs or activated nuts and seeds, inSpiral’s ethos of bringing variety, diversity and accessibility to our everyday diet is one that continues to grow.

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