martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Pharmacists upset with drug system crashes

Some P.E.I. pharmacists have been frustrated with the province's drug information system over the past two weeks.
Pharmacists said they're having difficulty accessing patient information and processing prescriptions because the Island-wide computerized system has been crashing.
While the system does go down from time to time, it's particularly difficult to manage during the holidays, said pharmacist Alan Studinski, who has worked at many different Island drug stores.
"Definitely in the last two weeks, it's been just hellish," said Studinski.
"I've been in situations where people do have to wait much longer than they're used to. And you have to prioritize," he added.
"You have patients coming in with just their normal repeats, especially at Christmas time. During the holidays, where there's a bit of a crunch where people are trying to get everything ready for this time of year, sometimes the stores are closed or on reduced hours."
Studinski said when the system goes down, it means more work processing the backlog once it's back up.
Health P.E.I. said people are working around the clock to fix the system.
Officials said there could be an issue with the firewall, bandwidth or the server.

**Published in "CBC NEWS HEALTH"

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