jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

EUROPA DONNA's 2011 Breast Health Day Campaign video now live‏

The 2011 campaign “Make Healthy Choices” aims at reminding women that engaging in physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight and eating a healthy diet can help their breast health.
Please join the Breast Health Day 2011 campaign through the social networking channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which are now active.
This year’s campaign features an entertaining video using a constantly changing mosaic design to show women engaging in a variety of healthy choices. It encourages women to live a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and eating a healthy diet and to join the Breast Health Day 2011 Campaign on line and in real life. The video is available on the Breast Health Day website, on YouTube and sharable via social networks. To ensure that the video will be used and shared by women around the world, a final frame has been added to the video with this year’s slogan “Make Healthy Choices” translated into 27 languages.
In addition, to encourage women around the world to participate in the campaign, a web application where they can upload their personal picture is available on the Breast Health Day website www.breasthealthday.org/makehealthychoices. The pictures submitted will form the 2011 BHD logo and will be included in the video to be re-released on 15 October
Also on the Breast Health Day website you will be able to use a Breast Health Day online widget, to support your personal commitment to make daily healthy choices and collect BHD points that you can display on your profiles on social networks like Facebook.
For additional information go to http://www.breasthealthday.org/.

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