lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Excellence in Paediatrics 2011 in Istambul

The annual Excellence in Paediatrics (EiP) conference is a demand-driven, research- based and solution-focused conference providing the latest thinking and clinical solutions in the field of paediatrics.

Aiming for worldwide outreach, EiP2011 looks to establish the professional network in paediatrics. The end result is to further promote the continuous exchange of information within the medical community to help address issues that currently are of concern within this area of expertise.

An "excellent" Scientific Programme is being formed!

The scientific programme for EiP2011 is currently being shaped around 5 core themes consisting of:
Infectious diseases & vaccinations
Gastroenterology & Nutrition
Respiratory medicine
Dermatology - organized by the European Paediatric Association (EPA/UNEPSA) and the Cochrane Child Health Field
Adolescent medicine
With interactive workshops, plenary lectures, debates and case studies (to name a few), EiP aims to further build upon its foundations, providing an outstanding educational meeting for all to benefit. The outcome of this programme is to provide new insight into clinical applications that can be utilized in everyday clinical practice.

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