jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

New trough from Tecan to reduce reagent costs

Tecan has launched a new 25 ml trough designed to reduce waste of valuable reagents in automated liquid handling applications. These troughs have a conical base design to minimize the liquid volume inaccessible to the liquid handling (LiHa) arm, reducing dead volume for conductive liquid level detection (cLLD) by a minimum of a third in comparison to Tecan’s standard shaped troughs, and down to at least 500 μl for manual adjustment of tip positioning.

Made of grey polypropylene, the new troughs are suitable for light sensitive reagents, and can easily be sealed for convenient reagent transport. They are available in Tecan Pure standard – certified to be free from contamination by human DNA, RNase, DNase and PCR inhibitors – making them ideal for molecular diagnostics, forensics and genomics research applications.

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