martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

EINSTEIN DVT: Oral rivaroxaban versus standard therapy in the initial treatment of symptomatic deep vein thrombosis

Results of the Phase III EINSTEIN-DVT study show that the oral anticoagulant rivaroxaban achieved the primary efficacy and safety outcomes in the treatment of patients with acute, symptomatic deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
The study showed that rivaroxaban demonstrated non-inferior efficacy in the treatment of DVT compared with initial enoxaparin treatment followed by a vitamin K antagonist (VKA), the current standard therapy for the treatment of DVT. Recurrent symptomatic venous thromboembolism (ie, the composite of recurrent DVT, non-fatal or fatal pulmonary embolism) occurred in 2.1% of the rivaroxaban recipients and 3.0% of the subjects receiving standard therapy (p<0.0001>

* The EINSTEIN DVT study was sponsored by Bayer Schering Pharma

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